The sub-prime fallout has not helped.  Lenders created "crazy" loan programs in recent times, causing many lenders to go out of business, while others just aren’t able to honor their commitments — leaving consumers, Realtors and homebuilders to deal with the repercussions. 

OPPORTUNITY: This temporary placeholder is an invitation to someone who is  qualified and interested in developing and maintaining this website for commercial purposes.  Despite its negative angle, its true goal is to help consumers, agents and homebuilders avoid the small percentage of "rotten" lenders and Loan Originators who give the rest a bad name, and in turn help reputable lenders and LOs better compete against LOs who offer poor service, bogus or misleading programs, miss important deadlines, charge excessively, etc.
A layman's explanation of the subprime crisis we've all heard so much about and sadly, an accurate one...


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Hi, I'm a Realtor, homebuilder and entrepreneur.  If anyone has an interest and qualifications to web-master a site that addresses the needs and concerns of agents, consumers, and homebuilders — then let's talk.  I can provide the domain name and other resources to help make it a success.

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Dirty Rotten Lenders Blog and Website
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The mortgage market is changing at very rapid pace.  Consumers, real estate agents and homebuilders across the country are just plain mad at the mortgage industry — and why not? 

Predatory practices,  fraud, lenders who approve loans and then change the terms at the closing table or fail to fund the loan on time!
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